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Two months ago I joined an instagram contest. The french fabric store Amandine Cha was in search for tester for their fabrics: The Green Seamstress. I uploaded a picture of a selfmade outfit and became one of the lucky eight to test their fabrics. Super exciting! They sent us heaps of samples so we could choose what to make in four projects. It was difficult, so many options. But after all I chose four fabrics, wrote them my ideas and I received a wonderful package with everything I needed for the four projects. And this is the first one finished!

The fabric

The fabric used for this project is this one. It’s a nice sateen in warm aubergine color. It’s made of 100% organic coton, which is super nice to wear off course. The fabric is not too heavy, but heavy enough to get that drapy effect for the circle skirt. The color is warm. I washed the fabric before cutting the pattern and it shrunk about 5%, so not that much. It does wrinkle a little more than I expected, but it’s allright while wearing it. It’s more wrinkly when it comes out of the laundry, or from the back of your closet! But while wearing it’s totally acceptable.

The pattern

So I started out with this pattern (and also picture below). The size was way to small, so I had to enlarge the bodice. The skirt was not really my style after all. It consists of four square pieces. The waist is then created with folds and wrinkling, but since my ahum… muffin top… doesn’t need extra attention, I decided to make a half circle. And I’m glad I did 🙂 In the end I also decided to add a black waistband in between because I had some lining remnants. I think it lights up the dress.

So in the end, lovely pattern, but most of it is self drafted. But it still has the same feeling, right?!

The conclusion

I’m very happy with this fabric. It was very nice to work with. You can feel the quality. And after three laundries, it’s still as new. I also love the fact that it’s a 100% coton, wich is just fantastic to wear all day. It’s not to rigid, it’s still nice and soft, but it stays in shape. The fabric was perfect for this dress. I wouldn’t choose a non-stretchy fabric normally, but it’s soft enough to give you the feeling of stretch.

They’ve asked what I will do with the remnants. But I’m still doubting between a few options. The left over fabric from the lining I used for the waist band. I must admit, not the best thing to decide after you have made a dress 😉 but it was worth the trouble. For the sateen fabric I am going to decide between:

  • A pluche doll
  • An extra toilet bag
  • A small pouch for coins since I have a card-only wallet now

I’ll keep you posted!

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